With the rise of cloud hosting, hotels are quickly realizing that they no longer need to spend exorbitant amounts on expensive hardware and software. Cloud migration is becoming essential for many hotel franchises because it provides scalability, saves money, and increases efficiency.

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Here are a few ways hotel franchises can benefit from cloud migration and remain competitive in 2023.


Cloud hosting services are designed to handle spikes in traffic. If you’re running a site that gets a sudden influx of users, it’s easy for cloud hosting to accommodate that—and if your traffic drops down again, the service will scale back as well. This ensures you only pay for the power and server space required, and your digital infrastructure can always support your scaling business.

Cloud hosting can also handle sudden changes in bandwidth requirements or server numbers needed. If you suddenly start getting more visitors than anticipated and need additional servers, the cloud service will provide those for you on demand. Conversely, if demand decreases unexpectedly, these resources can be scaled back easily.

With cloud hosting services, you can access as much server space as you need at any point to support your digital network of websites. If you’re expecting high traffic for a specific hotel location, you can allocate greater bandwidth for that particular site. Further, with VMware hosting from Liquid Web, if your digital workflows rely on legacy software, you can still migrate successfully to the cloud and maintain your use of such software. This allows companies continuity while migrating and the ability to upgrade at their own pace while benefitting from the cloud. As your hotel franchise grows, you can easily accommodate new sites and locations digitally with your cloud host provider.

Application Management

You can also use cloud hosting to manage mobile applications for guests. For example, a hotel chain may have developed a mobile application that helps guests book rooms and view the hotel’s daily schedule. Suppose this application needs to be expanded to include new features or languages. In that case, it can be done quickly and easily by adding servers in the cloud instead of installing new software on individual computers or laptops.

With cloud hosting services from Liquid Web, your hotel franchise can benefit from server staging space where your team can build and test new applications or functionalities before launching them publicly. Staging space means more opportunities for innovation, user testing, upgrades, and unique branding implementations or special functions you want to offer your patrons. Unique features like apps, convenient check-in options, easy customer service access, etc., are essential to make your franchise stand out and grow successfully.


Cloud hosting is a cost-effective solution for international hotel franchises. Cloud hosting can help you save money on technology costs and make it easier to scale up or down your operations. Cloud hosting provides more flexibility than traditional hardware-based IT infrastructure, which allows you to respond quickly to changing demands in the market. This means that cloud services are highly efficient and require less maintenance, saving you time and money. With 24/7 access to a team of web dev professionals from Liquid Web, your franchise will have constant technical support, automatic updates, and top-of-the-line security.


As a hotel franchise, security is a significant concern. You want to protect your data and the people who use that data: your customers, employees, and vendors. You also want to protect yourself from any legal or financial consequences of a data breach or hacking incident. It’s also essential to have a secure booking system so you and your customers can always access reliable information about availability, pricing, etc.

The cloud provides an additional layer of protection for sensitive information because it separates private businesses’ infrastructure from their customers’ infrastructure. It can also help prevent attacks by disrupting malicious traffic flow through firewalls and other security devices before it reaches your servers. In the event of any server malfunction, Liquid Web hosts provide automatic failover processes that will secure your data and provide continuity of service to your sites, so you have the highest uptime available.

Cloud Migration is Essential for Competitive Hoteliers

Cloud hosting is cost-effective and scalable. Cloud migration allows you to take advantage of the flexibility and scalability that comes with cloud hosting. Cloud-based systems allow you to add more servers as your business grows, so when your growth increases rapidly, you have access to the right technology to keep up with your growing needs. Cloud migration allows hotels to implement new technologies, applications, and systems efficiently. Keep better track of workflows, employees, customers, and bookings with cloud hosting services.

There’s no doubt that cloud migration is a great way to improve the efficiency and profitability of your hotel franchise. With the help of the team at Liquid Web, you can maximize your potential with cloud hosting and enjoy all the above benefits. Consider your options for cloud hosting today and gain that competitive edge you need for growth in 2023.

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