Gaming in the present has become one of the most promising affairs you can indulge in safely when you have the time. In this post-COVID era, people of all ages are getting involved in games, and it is proving to be a lucrative pastime that can give you various benefits and occupy your idle and dulled brain.

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In the age of digital disruption, adults are having a hard time getting on with the new doomer generation of people. Due to this specific reason, most games have made their gameplay simple so that a vast community can access it.

Let’s check out some games on iOS that are easy to play yet have a unique aspect that makes them constantly attractive.

Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers is a chase game that is fun if you enjoy bright colors and colorful gameplay. The player gets to experience jumping actions in the game, where most functions relate to moving left to the right with the flick of a finger.

Here you are being chased by a policeman, and you must make your way over the vehicles on the tracks and dodge the oncoming trains. In the running process, you must collect coins and avoid getting hit by many random hurdles on the track while collecting and using many power-ups that make the game even more exciting.

MPL Fruit Slice

MPL Fruit Slice is one of those games where you can have the best relaxing time while playing the game. The skill utilized mainly involves tapping and sliding on the screen, so players must always be on their toes. The strategies taken are pretty simple, but the more you play the game, the more it is evident that you will chance upon a good result in the final scoreboard of the game. There is no rush in completing the game; it goes on as long as your gameplay lasts and you do not have a game over.

Because the absence of a goal, except for getting a high score, makes it a more calming and refreshing experience after you have had a couple of rounds. To play fruit slice from MPL, go to the iOS app store or get it from MPL’s official gaming website.


Minecraft is a game that puts the player into an 8-bit realm where you have to build structures in the world and roam around on the map, mostly doing several quests. This type of game is perfect for all age groups; that makes the player wholly engaged in doing stuff that sets up an atmosphere of thinking and rearranging.

You get to be a part of this virtual world where you are in charge of resource gathering, combat, crafting items, and building several structures from rollercoasters to castles.

The endless possibilities within the game make it very interesting and famous to regular people. Once inside the game, you lose your sense of time over the countless options you begin to encounter.


Blek is a game of imagination that has encapsulated the most primary minimalistic aspect that any game could ever offer. In this game, the elementary mechanics, you can have an open-ended experience while playing the many levels. There is not much to say about the game except that the visuals are like modern art; you will have a calming and relaxing time playing each level and figuring out how to solve them. Controls are easy, and the only skill the player needs is the ability to think through the ranks and collect color while avoiding blacks.

The developers have made the best use of the iOS platform to offer an experience that suffers no lag or glitches, so you can play for hours at a stretch.


Wordle is an excellent game that involves you thinking of the correct word from the given jumbled letters. This game is perfect if you are a lover of words and the dictionary is your favorite book.

There are many modes, and the central idea is to fill up the rows and columns with words that directly follow up the ingame hints. The game is good and will challenge you to stress over your memory, think deeply about your vocabulary, and cultivate more of your stock words to develop a vast inventory. Wordle, therefore, acts as a good exercise for the young and adult players giving the brains a well-deserved jostle.

Alto’s Adventure

This game is a complete sensation both in terms of playability and experience. As a player, you experience the icy landscapes and ski on them for endless hours. The game lets you play with many characters with different abilities and power-ups, which help you if you’re a player with a specific style of playing it.

The main character is constantly skiing, and you have to control his moves and jumps so that the jumps and tricks get you a  better high score in the game. To perform these, the players must tap the screen at the right time and create a combo that lets them score higher.

It is one of the best and easy gameplays recommended for players of all ages.

Final Words

Games with easy rules to learn and intuitive controls are crucial to this new world as they have a better chance to grasp the minds and time of more people who might get bored. In such matters, iOS is the best platform to start gaming as they have the smoothest interface and the best offerings among all other platforms. These games are the best examples of easy playability and can be instantly picked up by individuals of any age.

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