We must clear up some misunderstandings concerning minimum and maximum bets before we get into how to calculate maximum wins. 

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How is the Maximum Win Calculated

Some slot gamers believe that the higher the bet, the better the chances of winning are. It’s a total utter misunderstanding of the facts. After 500 spins, you’ll still be no closer to a jackpot than you were on your first spin, thanks to the RNG used in the slot game – check out 7s to Burn slot game

Just because you bet £100 instead of 10p does not get you any closer to winning a jackpot. The ‘Gambler’s Fallacy’ describes this phenomenon. 

UK slots games keep things random to boost the excitement factor. 

It doesn’t matter how much you bet; the result is always unpredictable. It doesn’t matter whether you bet the largest amount allowed by the game or the smallest amount conceivable. Higher bets are only beneficial if you win. 

Also, you’ll need to make sure the UKGC fully licences your online casino to make sure the RNG actually does work in the first place (UK Gambling Commission). They make sure that all of the casino’s slot games use a tried-and-true RNG system to ensure the casino is fair. 

Now that you know that each spin is completely random, you can calculate the maximum win more accurately.

Payout Calculation

Depending on whether you’re talking about online video slots or reel machines, there are a variety of techniques to calculate the rewards. For example, the only way of obtaining a maximum win on a reel machine is to play the maximum amount of coins. 

Fixed payoff values are multiplied by the number of coins bet on each line in online slot machines. Using the greatest amount of coins allowed increases your chances of winning while playing a reel machine.

On the other hand, you may be able to maximise your winnings by wagering more on some online video slots. 

Decide how many coins to play to boost your winning chances? 

So, how many coins are you willing to risk? Even if it increases your chances, it’s still an effective strategy. 

Well, if the slot machine provides you more than double the reward when you put in twice the coins, you should choose that choice. Increasing your bet size enhances your chances of winning the jackpot. 

Furthermore, if the predicted value is greater, the slot machine will increase your chances of getting larger rewards based on the number of coins you spend. Make use of all available coins in this situation. It’s well worth the effort to end anything that stands in your way of receiving your greatest reward!

Larger Payouts

The maximum gains in certain games might be 10,000 times the player’s initial stake or even more. Many people can’t afford to play at maximum stakes; thus, victories like this are only a fantasy for most people. 

Even more confusing is the launch of Megaways slots, which can offer more than 100,000 pay lines, and each spin has a different set of paylines. This is because no set amount of symbols may appear on the reels. During a spin, anywhere from two to seven symbols can land on the reels. There are also extra reels to think about.


There are no multipliers in the original Book of Dead; therefore, figuring out the maximum win is simple. However, several games, such as Sweet Bonanza and Danger High Voltage, have multipliers, which further confuses things.

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