Many people use Excel for their data analysis, but it’s not the only game in town. A PDF file is a better option than an Excel file if you want to share your data with other groups and organizations or if you want to ensure that your numbers are protected against any kind of alteration. PDF is one of the best formats for storing information as opposed to simply presenting it on screen.

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Standard Format

PDF files are universally readable, which means they can be opened by almost all operating systems and devices. The purpose of PDFs is not for editing purposes but rather for viewing purposes only.

You cannot print from within most browsers when viewing a PDF document online; however, there are third-party plugins available that allow users printing capability from any browser (Google Chrome is one such example).

No chance of data loss

Data loss is one of the biggest problems in the business world. It can be caused by many factors, including software glitches and human error.

Here are some examples of data loss:

  • You accidentally delete an important file from your computer.
  • A hard drive crashes, and all its data is lost forever.* An email gets corrupted, and you need to re-send it to everyone who received it originally (or worse yet, again, if it was a chain email).

Readable Format for many

The PDF file format is the most convenient and popular way to distribute documents. According to the Adobe Acrobat’s experts, “The simple reason is that it’s readable on almost all platforms and devices, so you can send a PDF file to anyone without worrying about compatibility issues.’

Another benefit of using the PDF format over other formats is that it preserves all original formatting from the source document: tables, images and even columns will look just as good as they did when first created!

More secure than Excel files

One of the most common reasons people share their Excel files is to get advice from other people, like a co-worker or professors. However, if someone else has opened your file, they could make changes, and you wouldn’t know it. That’s because Excel files aren’t very secure—they’re easily edited and corrupted.

PDFs are different because they’re not editable by default. If you share a PDF with someone, that person can only view it in its original form. You can also password-protect PDFs so only certain people can access them—this makes them great for sending confidential information over email or storing online without worrying about security issues down the road! You can also easily convert an Excel file to PDF online.

Non-editable files

PDF files are non-editable. This means that you can’t change the content of a PDF file once you have saved it. If you do, then it may become corrupted and unreadable by other users who want to access the same file. That’s why when you digitally sign your documents for an audit trail or send them out for review, make sure they are saved as PDF files!

The PDF format is a great alternative to Excel files, and it can be used in many different ways by businesses. If you’re looking for an affordable way to convert your Excel file into a PDF document, then look no further than Adobe Acrobat! There is an array of options available, so no matter what kind of business needs converting, you will find the right solution.

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