Like most people, packing for a vacation isn’t your favorite holiday activity, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Depending on the destination you’re visiting and the duration of your trip, you’ll need to pack wisely, so you’re less likely to stress and keep yourself safe and out of any pickpocketer’s radar.

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Travel Tech Essentials

Since tech plays a more significant role in our lives, it’s essential to know how to travel safely
with your favorite gadgets and stay protected wherever you go. Here is a look at some gadgets you should consider taking with you on your next trip and a few pieces of advice on traveling safely with tech.

Power bank

There’s nothing more annoying than running out of battery while waiting for your flight or
looking for an exact location of your Airbnb. Whether going on a road trip, camping or traveling
abroad, a good power bank should find its way to your tech survival kit.

However, there are a few things to consider before buying. Remember that some airlines won’t allow power banks with a capacity higher than 20,000 mAh, so if you travel by plane often, you may want to choose a lower-capacity one.

Furthermore, remember that some power banks allow you to charge only your phone, so if you’re planning to charge other devices, look for the one with multiple charging ports.

Flash drive

Even though we store most of our data in the cloud, having a USB stick on hand while traveling
is helpful for various reasons. For instance, you can use a flash drive to store copies of important
documents and leave the originals at home.

Also, add any event tickets you bought online, your children’s medical records, and travel insurance documents to your flash dive. If you’re traveling to a country that still has COVID-19 restrictions in place, make sure to bring proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test results.


Good headphones are a must if you’re traveling with your kids and want to avoid listening to
“Baby Shark” a hundred times during your vacation. We recommend choosing wireless ones
since tangled cords are impractical and pose a safety risk for kids.

Also, if your family uses the headphones in the car, they’ll probably fall asleep with them, so make sure comfort is one of the essential factors on your list. Lastly, since everyone wants to listen to their favorite music and shows without interruptions, the noise-canceling feature is a must.


Avid readers probably struggle with deciding which book to bring on their vacation. Our advice
is to save yourself the trouble and invest in Kindle. You can put all your favorite books,
magazines, and newspapers in one place and enjoy a good read wherever you go. The battery
lasts ages and is super light and easy to travel with. Also, it will put less strain on your eyes than
reading apps since Kindle uses an e-ink that mimics the appearance of the actual printed page.


Traveling without tech is unimaginable, but crossing borders can significantly increase the risk
of becoming a cybercrime victim.

Therefore, before buying your next plane ticket, ensure you have a sturdy cybersecurity plan to protect your sensitive data and keep your gadgets safe.

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