The world is an adventure waiting for you to experience. Maybe you are traveling alone because you didn’t have friends willing to join you, or perhaps because you enjoy moments of solitude that traveling in groups doesn’t offer. So where do you go? Let’s talk about the best places to travel alone.

Best Places to Travel Alone

Best Places to Travel Alone

Maybe you have a personal bucket list of destinations and you are having difficulty finding a travel partner who holds the same passion as you for the places you desire to explore. In any case, check out these destinations that are welcoming to single travelers.

Travel to Australia is a Top Choice

Australia is a great destination for those who are looking for a variety of adventures. Many women travel alone in this country. From sunny beaches and snorkeling to the excitement of big cities, Australia has unlimited options for the solo traveler. You can rent a variety of rooms and private apartments there as well, which means you can save money and live quite comfortably while on your travels.

Amazing – Thailand

Thailand is a welcoming place for the solo traveler. Bangkok, in particular, is an amazing place to travel alone, yet you will find that you do not feel alone for long there, due to the many amazing people you will meet. Beautiful temples and amazing walking trails are among the many activities you can enjoy in this country.

Find Freedom and Unity in Tanzania

Tanzania has many rich experiences that await the solo traveler. Going on a safari is a must, but there are many other great adventures – such as hiking Kilimanjaro. Both places have many companies that offer group trips. You will find the people who live there very welcoming and make you feel at home.

Ireland – The Emerald Island

Ireland is a fun country for the individual who chooses to travel alone. It is normal for women to be alone there, and there is no language barrier to face which makes the journey a little more manageable. Even strangers are friendly, and those who are from Ireland will be happy to help you out if you need directions or ideas about what to do next. Take time to soak in the beautiful scenery that Ireland offers, and be sure to visit a few pubs while you are there.

Japan is Living the Future

Japan is a wonderful country full of rich experiences. People, there has a reputation of being welcoming to visitors, and you will have no trouble finding help when needed. Consider visiting some temples and museums there, and enjoy the tasty cuisine, which is generally healthy and light.

Travel Further Beyond in Spain

Spain is another place to visit where solo travelers are not out of place. Hotels generally give you a reasonable rate when traveling alone, which is not the case in all countries. Short and extended study vacations abound in Spain, so it is a great place to travel alone when learning is one of your goals.

Where is the Best Places to Travel Alone

Traveling alone is an experience that will help you learn more about yourself, become comfortable in your own skin, and gain a new confidence that will always stay with you.

Consider trying at least one of the locations on this list if you desire to learn more about the world, and have a wonderful, unforgettable time on your road trip for one.

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