Becoming an adult can be both an adventure and a struggle. There are many situations you may face on your way to becoming an adult.

Here are some common problems that young adults may encounter on their journey, and some workable solutions.

Solutions to Common Problems Young Adults Face

Career Indecision

Almost any young child can tell you what they want to be when they “grow up,” but once grown these same individuals can be completely at a loss for ideas.

It is not uncommon to still wonder what you want to pursue as a long-term career even after you have graduated.

Other times, you may have followed your dreams only to realize your heart is not really in it.

When it comes to a career, it is never too late to change your goals. Don’t hesitate to seek out guidance from others who have been down the same path.

Ask advice from friends and family as to how they narrowed down their choices, and write a list of pros and cons to help you decide your own path.

Relationship Indecision

Relationships can seem ever changing. You will not stay long term with every person you date. When a young person faces relationship indecision, it can be frustrating and heartbreaking.

Remember that it is always best to think deeply about whether to continue with a relationship. Never stay in a partnership that is not fulfilling to you or helping you grow in some way.


Because of the many transitions and life changes at this age, depression is a common problem many young adults will face. If you are dealing with this, don’t let yourself drown in it.

More and more people are being diagnosed with depression, and it is no longer something people should feel the need to hide. It is better to get it out in the open and find help than to try to keep it to yourself.

There are many natural things a person can do to help shake depression, and don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor if nothing else seems to be helping.

Lack of Available Jobs

Perhaps you have decided upon your career, but once you graduate you find it difficult to locate a desirable job. The job market can swing from good to bad in a relatively short time period.

If you find yourself searching for a job with no luck, think about ways you can change your approach.

Perhaps your resume needs a boost to make more heads turn, and consider asking others in your circle if you may be coming across wrong to potential employers.

If all else fails and jobs are just not there, perhaps you need to get creative and design your own job, venturing into the world of self-employment.

Lack of Purpose

The young adult years can be a kind of crossroads. Many people work hard at school, then graduate only to wonder what they put all the work in for.

Casual relationships tend to drop off, and many people are left feeling lonely and without purpose.

If you are feeling a lack of purpose, reach out to others. Volunteer for a worthy cause, and seek out new friendships in your school, job, or faith community.

Being a young adult certainly has its share of challenges, but it is also a time of growth and positive change.

If you face any of these typical problems, reach out and find the solution that will get you back onto your journey.

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