Every woman loves to have nice, smooth skin. Whether we are going swimming and want a clean bikini area, are sculpting our eyebrows, or have facial hair where we’d rather not, there are ways to get desired results.

If you are looking for both general hair removal tips, as well as tips specific to certain areas⁠—read on.

Hair Removal Tips for Women


This is one of the most important steps. Dry skin is easily damaged. When removing hair, you do not want any additional risk of wounds. Also, when hair follicles are softened, hair is more easily released.

For this reason, it is a good idea to exfoliate and then moisturize before hair removal. When you are done, moisturize again. Virgin coconut oil works great and is free from harmful chemicals.


Shaving may not be the most glamorous way to remove hair, but it is the most affordable. Because of this, women will likely be shaving for years to come. Having said that, there are some ways you can make it easier and more effective.

Never shave dry. Moistening skin with water is the best way to avoid cuts and a lot of pain. You can use shaving cream, but even a natural liquid soap will do the trick. Change your razor on a regular basis as this will prevent cuts from a dull one.

When shaving the legs, shave up since the hair grows the opposite way and this will ensure it is cut off as close as possible. For the armpits, shaving in every direction will help you to be thorough since the hairs in that part of the body grow in every way.

Hair Removal Tips for Women


No matter what area of your body you want to get rid of hair from, waxing will deal with it all. Waxing can be a great long-lasting fix, and hair is thinned over time so less hair will grow back in the long run.

It is best to grow your hair at least five days from your last shave to prepare for waxing, and you can plan to return approximately once a month.

Parts of the body that are becoming popular to wax are the bikini area as well as the lower legs. This is because the hairs in those places tend to be coarse, and waxing is a great solution for making it eventually thin out.

Waxing can be painful since the roots are being pulled out, but if you are apprehensive about the pain, you can take an Advil one hour before your appointment.


This is becoming a popular method for removing facial hair. Originating in the Middle East, it has found its way to the United States and several shops can be found in most major cities.

With this method, cotton thread is twisted around individual hairs, and the hair is pulled from the roots. Upper lips, eyebrows and chin can all be threaded. It can be done quickly, and is relatively cheap.

Once you have gotten professional threading, you can maintain by tweezing in between appointments.

Body hair is something we all must deal with. Fortunately, there is a wide range of solutions for each and every unwanted hair that comes our way.

Depending on the location of your hair, as well as personal preference, you can find the best way to remove that hair and go on your way with a smooth new you.

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