Tech has come a long way since its slow, dial-up origins. Now, it impacts every area of our lives—making things more convenient while increasing our personal security and opportunity for fun. And now pets are getting in on the action, too!

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Tech and accessories for pets have come leaps and bounds since the days of furry paws playing catch-the-mouse on iPads in the early 2010s! From doggy cams that let you check on your furry friends while you’re out and about, to tracking software, auto feeders and robotic toys, there’s plenty of scope to make your pet just as much of a techie as you.

Doggy cams & pet cameras

Remember when you’d be blissfully unaware of the mischief your pet was up to while you were absent? Pet cameras make checking in on Fido or Fluffy quick and easy. Some even have an inbuilt speaker so you can talk to them, or even disperse a treat or two! Far from the one-way streams of old, the latest generation of doggy cams means you can be there for your bestie, wherever you are.  

With other high-tech features including HD video, night cam, and treat feeding, pet cameras are perfect for pets who suffer from anxiety – and owners who miss their furbabies just as much while they’re out.

Know where they are at any time

Is your pet an escape artist? Tired of receiving the “Is this your dog?” phone call? Give yourself peace of mind with tracking software and special tags that can help you locate them should they pull a Houndini. Use your phone app to track where they are (hopefully safe and sound inside!) so you can be on the front foot should they decide the world needs exploring.

Have a big dog and worry about the human-size doggy door? Protect your home with pet doors that open only when your pet’s chip tag on their collar, and lock again once your pet has seen themselves in (or out). Other great outside tech includes fence tech that stops even the most dedicated feline from jumping the barrier. These innovative solutions not only provide security for our pets, but help reassure pet owners that they are doing all they can to keep their furry friend’s safe.

Keep their bellies full with auto feeders

Animals have their own internal clocks that only seem to switch on when it’s time for food! Keeping to the same feeding time every morning and night can be tricky—life happens. So if you’re struggling to keep up with feeding Fido, an auto feeder can help keep their belly full and their human happy. Pet feeders allow you to set up to four meals with different portion sizes, depending on your pet’s size and dietary needs. Some auto feeders even give you the option of recording a voice command that plays when it’s dinner time! It’s music to their ears.

So they’re set for food, but what about their hydration? Water fountains provide a consistent stream of fresh water for them to enjoy, which can even encourage low drinkers to up their water intake.

Give them the option to entertain themselves

If your pet gets bored easily, it’s a great idea to invest in tech gadgets that will help keep them entertained and out of your pantry (this is where flour power has a whole different meaning)!  

Some examples of smart toys for clever cats and dogs include:

  • Ball toys that dodge out of your pet’s way when they interact with it, initiating a fun game of chasey or a quick stint of zoomies
  • Pet cams that spin and move around like a ball while capturing video that beams straight to your phone
  • Auto ball launchers for active dogs who love fetch – if you have a dog who needs a lot of exercise, this can help save your throwing arm!
  • Interactive puzzles and brain trainers for cats and dogs
  • Treasure hunting games for kitties that encourage them to problem-solve to find food

Pet tech meets potty time

From self-cleaning kitty litter boxes to innovative portable dog potties that make apartment living a breeze, there are many new ways to make toileting and pet hygiene stress-free.  

Have a cat and hate changing the litter tray? Invest in a digital litter box that sifts away waste and deposits it in a plastic bag for convenient cleanup. Have a dog but in an apartment? Artificial grass pads and absorbent mats can provide your pup a designated toilet area that will encourage easy toilet training.

Wearable tech for pets

Wearable tech isn’t just for humans! From smart leads that track kilometres walked and collar-fitted activity monitors that gather info on your dog’s heart rate and use their stats to work out how much exercise and nutrition they need, there’s never been a better way to break the communication barrier and figure out exactly what your pup needs. 

With such a wide range of tech solutions on the market, there’s never been a better time for paw-rents to harness the power of technology!

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