In today’s digital landscape, data privacy, and security have become critical for businesses and professionals, with Colorado no exception.

As the world becomes increasingly digitized, the need for strong privacy practices grows. Here's what Colorado businesses and professionals need to know.

Strengthening Privacy

We reached out to a few experts in the field of cybersecurity – Blake Schwank, CEO of Colorado Computer Support, Ashu Bhoot, CTO of Orion Networks, and Ed Anderson, VP of Operations at Dyrand Systems, to garner insights and suggestions on robust security measures.

Blake Schwank emphasizes the significance of credit freezing, a powerful protective measure that can bar unauthorized access to personal financial information. “By freezing your credit, you are effectively preventing new credit lines or loans from being opened in your name without your consent,” he explains.

Schwank also underscores the need for consistent credit monitoring for individuals and businesses, acting as an early warning against potential identity theft or fraud.

Further expanding on the necessity of secure online practices, Ashu Bhoot from Orion Networks advises vigilance in online navigation. “Many websites, even well-established ones, sell paid advertising that can seamlessly integrate into the website’s main content. It’s crucial to exercise caution when providing personal or business information online,” Bhoot said.

Bhoot also stressed the importance of regular software updates to benefit from the latest security patches and the use of complex, unique passwords for different accounts.

The conversation about cybersecurity would be incomplete without discussing awareness. Ed Anderson of Dyrand Systems believes that promoting a cybersecurity culture among employees is fundamental. “Regular training on recognizing potential threats like phishing attempts, avoiding suspicious downloads, and understanding the risks of public Wi-Fi can considerably decrease the risk of security breaches,” Anderson stated.

Anderson also highlighted the importance of implementing a Zero Trust security model. “Every access request is treated as potentially unsafe, requiring verification each time. This approach can significantly minimize the potential for unauthorized access,” he explained.

All experts agreed on the critical role of regulatory compliance, as it ensures legal adherence and substantially improves a company’s data security measures.

The digital age, filled with opportunities, brings its share of challenges. However, by implementing the robust measures suggested by these cybersecurity experts, Colorado businesses and professionals can effectively safeguard their privacy and protect their data. As Blake Schwank rightly puts it, “Staying safe in the digital age requires ongoing effort, vigilance, and a commitment to maintaining best data security and privacy practices. Your proactive measures today will be the bedrock for your secure digital presence tomorrow.”

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