Curry is a dish of meat or vegetables with rich spiced sauce is very versatile. There are many ways to make curry and make it great.

The perfect curry will be a blend of spices, herbs, seasoning, onion, ginger, and garlic, oil and of course the main ingredient which will be some sort of meat or vegetable and cheese.

All of these things combined will make your curry. But you have to build your curry carefully mixing the right amounts of each ingredient.

Here’s what you’ll need to build your perfect curry.

It All Starts With The Spices

It All Starts With The Spices

Starting with the freshest spices you can find will make for the best curry.

You will need to make a curry powder which consists of Cumin seeds, Coriander seeds, Fenugreek, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, and Cardamom.

Once you have the curry powder you will need chili to add that heat. The chili can be used in whole fresh form, or powder form. Or you can use whole, crushed, or dry chilies, or a chili sauce or paste.

Using a chili powder adds the heat instantly while finely chopped chilies will need to be worked in and cooked down to get that heat.

Don’t Forget The Season

One of the most important things about curry is the salt. Because of all of the heat and spice from the chilies and curry powder people often think salt is not necessary.

So don’t forget this necessary ingredient. Be sure to taste your curry towards the end to determine if It needs more salt or not.

Onions, Ginger, and Garlic

These three ingredients are a must for any perfect curry sauce. Finely chopped onions sautéed until they are translucent with grated ginger and the garlic crushed or sliced will make your curry complete.


This is a very subtle and understated part of curry. It’s almost like a garnishment. Something you will add at the end of your cooking. A bit of fresh coriander leaf or maybe a little fresh basil.

This is one of those little final touches to take your curry over the top.


You might be thinking to make a healthier curry you could skip the oil. You shouldn’t leave out the oil though.

As a matter of fact the more the better because this is what will carry the flavors and spices throughout your curry. You can skim off the extra oil at the end.

How to Make The Perfect Curry

The Main Ingredient

All curry must have some meat, vegetables, or cheese as the main part of the dish. The meat generally used is beef, chicken, or fish.

Getting the freshest ingredient you can possibly get is always best. Fresh vegetables and fresh meat or seafood.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have the basics of your curry it’s time to put together. Building your sauce which can be thickened with some flour. And don’t forget to add your stock.

Follow these steps to bring it all together:

  1. Put some oil in a frying pan and add the chopped onion and cook until translucent.
  2. Add the curry powder or paste, then ginger, garlic, and your chilies.
  3. Add your main ingredient. If you’re using meat it should be browned on all sides first. Add your stock to prevent burning.
  4. Allow to simmer and cook the meat through.
  5. Add in your sauce and cook to a simmer.
  6. Stir in some garam massalla powder.
  7. Taste and season.
  8. Garnish with some coriander leaves.

And there you have the perfect curry made with all fresh ingredients. Enjoy!

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