Are you looking for a new, exciting online live casino game? If so, then we have something perfect for you! Introducing Aviator by Spribe – a perfect online multiplayer getaway that will give you a much-needed escape from monotony and help you earn real money.

With Fun88, you can play Aviator online and get yourself an opportunity to win big. Read on to learn how to play this exhilarating game and earn easy, real-time money.

Aviator: Live Casino Online Game

Aviator is the latest addition by Spribe into the world of social multiplayer casino gaming. This game isn’t anything like your traditional slot games, as it features an interesting yet unique approach to placing a bet- much like popular casual games. The game has an inclined curve that allows you to earn on your investments, yet the sessions are short- reminiscent of mobile games.

The goal of Aviator is to help you make money before the plane takes off. So, in essence, it’s a game that blends the simplicity of casual games with the excitement of placing your bets and making money in real-time.

Where to Play Aviator Online for Real Money?

Fun88 has transformed the live casino online in India. It is one of the most trusted online gaming platforms. If you are looking for a reliable platform, you can always check Fun88. They have a simple registration process:

Step 1: Log on to Fun 88

Step 2: Register yourself on the website using your mobile number/ email address

Step 3: Add funds

Step 4: Play “demo” or practice mode

Step 5: Place your funds and play on to win big!

Fun88 is a reliable platform that provides you with a safe, swift, and social environment so that you can thoroughly experience Aviator. Moreover, Fun88 is a trusted and secured platform that supports transactions via UPI, cards, NEFT, e-wallets, etc.

It’s India’s most beloved online casino platform, with hundreds of games and a dedicated team for your support.

3 Important Rules to Play Aviator Online!

Fun88 has brought you an interface that will give you a never-before experience while playing this game. You can quickly grasp and enjoy the rewards. However, before you put your game face on, just be mindful of a few important things:

  1. You can access Aviator only via our recommended website, Fun88. Your money will be safe here, and you can play freely.
  2. To begin the game, you must place your desired bet amount.

Now that you know where to find Aviator online and how you may play it, let’s explore its main characteristics.

Main Characteristics of Aviator Online Gameplay

Before you start your gaming journey with Aviator, you must know about its gameplay characteristics, which are as follows:

●    Minimum Bet Amount: around 11 INR

●      Maximum Bet Amount: 10,600 INR

●      RTP: 97%

●      Volatility: Low to Medium

●      Free Trial Availability: Yes

As you may have realised by now, Aviator is unlike an ordinary slot game; it doesn’t have pay lines, symbols, or conventional reels. Nevertheless, it has an inclining coefficient and an infinite multiplying capacity that starts at 1x.

Secret BONUS Features

Since you have read this, we’d like to reward you with some secret bonus features that will make your gaming experience even more profitable!

Here they are:

  1. Double Bets: This feature enables the players to place 2 beats simultaneously, increasing the odds of winning rewards.
  2. Quick Bet Choices: Aviator offers its players quick bet choices, making adjusting the wager more efficient and easier.
  3. Autoplay Function: This feature helps automate the number of gameplays the player wants to play, which provides a convenient gaming experience.
  4. Aviator Demo Mode: The demo mode, also known as play-for-fun, allows all players to experience Aviator for FREE! It provides an excellent opportunity to hone skills, develop real-time strategies, and better understand the game.

If you want to play Aviator online and ace it like a “pro”, then utilise the secret features!


Aviator is a casino game that takes it all a notch up! Its exciting, easy-to-use, and immensely engaging gameplay makes it all worth it – especially if you can win cash. With Fun88, you can play Aviator online with an enhanced user-interface and a transparent gaming experience. Register now and begin your online gaming journey with Aviator by Spribe.

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