Private notes are also known as internal tickets in Live Agents. You can exchange information without a third party seeing it. The agents who have access to a specific ticket are the ones who can see them.

private Notes

What Are Private Notes

Private notes help you to send messages to a specific audience. There is confidentiality with the use of private notes.

How to Write a Private Note

Clicking the ‘Note’ part in the Helpshift is the first part of writing a private note. An in-line editor will open, and you can write your note here. Mention the team member that you want to notify. You can click the submit section, and every agent that you have mentioned will receive the note. Private notes are in yellow, so you can differentiate the Agent and the app user messages.

Types of Private Notes

The following are some examples of private notes in a live agent.

1.         Inline ticket note

When you are communicating with a customer, these are great because they help to note down important information. As a result, this can also act as a reminder of what next step to do, like a follow-up. You can summarize what the customer wants in such a note to make it easy for another agent to work on. Other agents do not have to read the many emails sent by the customer.

2.         Customer contact note

These types of notes are for revealing some of the extra information about your customers. They help you, and your team members communicate better with them. As an agent, you can know the dos and don’ts of the customer.

3.         Company notes

These types of private notes are for revealing important information about organizations and companies. For example, the type of information in these company notes is the headquarters time zone. With such information, you can communicate better.

Importance of private notes

•           Time-saving

Private notes help to save a lot of time. If an Admin by any chance has an issue that they want another team member to work on, they will just send them a note. They can reassign the issue to another agent in real time. They help the agents to act on the matter quickly without any delay.

•           enhance privacy

With the use of private, you can pass important information to your team member without agents and customers finding out. You can also make it private for yourself and be at peace because no one can access the information apart from you.

•           They act as reminders and to-do list

Those private notes that one makes for them do assist a lot later. You get to look at them and gauge how you are performing. Do you meet your deadlines on time? They act as a reminder also when you go back to check on your performance.

•           Improve customer service

Private notes help to provide better support to the customers. The admin writes only the important issues relating to the problem to the team members. The customer can receive great service since a specific agent may take over to resolve the issue.

In this modern world use of private notes is very important. In the above text, you can see some of the advantages they bring about to an organization. For an instant, who would not want to make their work easier? No one.

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