Sportybet and online casinos have become very popular in today’s world and most users use their mobile gadgets to visit various betting shops by using mobile apps. Mobile applications have been developed specifically for mobile devices as it was inconvenient to use the official sites of bookmakers as they were created specifically for computers. The bookmaker Megapari apk offers its users several ways to install a mobile app where you can enjoy the sportsbook of an online casino bookmaker and a lot of bonuses.

Megapari Apk - Sportybet Applications

Betting With Megapari

Users of the Megapari mobile app or online casinos can enjoy sports betting using thematic sections dedicated to certain types of betting. Such sections are Sports, Live and Esports. Under Sports the users will see the matches that will start in the near future, you can bet on these matches. This section has several divisions, namely:

  • Bets on the national team;
  • UFC betting;
  • Politics Bets;
  • Betting constructor.

Subsections have been added for quick navigation by certain criteria with the exception of the betting constructor. In the section itself, users can configure match search by discipline and tournament, also users can select the time before the start of the match in a separate column. Under the matches themselves, the start time and date of the competition will be indicated. 

What is Megapari Apk

Live matches are taking place right now; odds change rapidly in such matches. Under the data match is a special designation in the form of a chart, by clicking on which, a user will open a table with important data on how the match takes place, the matches of this format have their own designation labelled live. Section Esports is devoted to betting on eSports. Matches of this format passing right now have attached broadcast. Bets on matches are made through the panel on the right side of the screen, which will allow users to configure settings such as:

  • Bet type;
  • Changing odds;
  • Promotion Code.

When selecting a bet type, you will be able to select all the outcomes to create a single multi bet, if you win such a bet you will receive a huge reward, but if at least one prediction turns out to be incorrect then your bet will be considered lost. You can also bet on all the matches you select as separate bets, either by betting the same amount or by adjusting each match individually. The odds change settings allow you to select a match that you have already bet on to take into account any future changes in odds, so you can choose to have the highest odds ever set on your sportybet. You can also enter a promo code to get a free bet in the box at the bottom of the betting panel. You may also see a sub-tab devoted to your already made bets in that panel.

Sportybet Casino With Megapari

The Megapari application has several sections for casino paraphernalia, some of which will be dedicated to individual games and others to groups of games. The Live casino section is dedicated to living dealer games. In these games, the dealer will act either as a host or as an opponent. Users can communicate with each other or with the presenter himself using the general chat. In the Casino section, you can find all the possible news in the world of slots. 

Both of the above sections have a flexible filter to find games. In these filters, you can choose the themes and types of games, as well as the publisher. You can mark games you like by clicking on the star icon to add them to your own game library. Next to your library, you can also find the history of the games you’ve played. Also in the mobile app, you can find sections devoted to such popular games as:

  • TOTO;
  • TV Games;
  • Poker;
  • Mega Games;
  • Bingo;
  • Scratch Games;
  • Crash.

The game Crash has instead the name of the section designation of the plane. The essence of this game is simple users can make bets before the game starts, after which the virtual plane starts to take off in parallel increasing the odds of winning. You can end the game at any second, in which case the plane will fly a little longer and credit you with the winnings or fall, in which case you are considered a loser.

Megapari Bookmaker Bonuses

To have more fun, users of the bookmaker’s office can take advantage of bonus offers that will provide users with huge benefits. The bonuses can be divided into:

  • First deposit bonuses;
  • Cashback;
  • Losses Bonus;
  • Loyalty program.

Also in the section devoted to bonuses, you can find a special calendar, which allows you to know the schedule of games, which will be covered by cashback. If a user starts a series of 20 losing bets, he will get a bonus, depending on the number of bets. The loyalty program is called a special club where users will receive additional benefits depending on their level in this program. Megapari has its own loyalty program, working only for the casino. 

This loyalty program has only 8 levels, with each level you will receive exclusive offers and cashbacks based on your bets, no matter if you are losing or winning ones. We’ve also opened up betting via the Telegram bot, especially for Megapari users.

Downloading the Megapari App

The mobile application can be installed using the bookmaker’s official website. This is done to prevent fraudsters from accessing your accounts or installing viruses through fake download links. Downloading the Megapari mobile app has two ways. Installing the Android app through the first method is as follows:

  1. Go to the official website of the bookmaker using your web browser;
  2. Go to the section dedicated to the mobile app;
  3. Choose the operating system of your device;
  4. Download a special Megapari apk file;
  5. Allow the installation through unknown sources in the settings of your device;
  6. Install your downloaded Megapari apk file.

The instructions for iOS devices are slightly different because the official platform for installing applications on the Android Play Market does not allow to installation of applications related to gambling due to Google’s policies. The instructions for installing the application for iOS devices are as follows:

  1. Go to the official website of the bookmaker through your safari browser;
  2. Go to the section with the mobile app and select iOS;
  3. You will be taken to the bookmaker’s page in the App Store where you just need to click on install.

The second way implies the use of the QR code, located on the official website in the section devoted to mobile applications. This QR code needs to be scanned using the device, on which you want to install the application. After you have scanned the application, you will be able to go to the link to download the special file or to the official website of the App Store.

Megapari Support Service

Megapari Support Service has been created to help users who have problems of any kind. They have only one goal, to help users with any questions or problems and you can use any of the available methods to contact them. Such methods of communication are:

  • Live chat in the mobile application;
  • Hotline;
  • Letter to the official mailbox of the bookmaker.

For users who are used to communicating using correspondence in various messengers, the live chat method is perfect. Using this method, experts will answer you within a few minutes and you will be able to explain your problem in a simple correspondence. The Megapari hotline is perfect for those who are not used to communicating by correspondence and official letters.

You can describe your problem to a specialist through dialogue, and the specialist is able to easily find out all the details. When writing a letter to the official e-mail of the bookmaker, you should clearly and completely formulate the problem, so that the expert immediately after reading your letter could solve the problem without having to specify additional data.


Can I make money through sportybet?

No, gambling at bookmaker offices should only be done for fun, as a hobby, and as enjoyment of the feelings, you experience. Under no circumstances may betting be viewed as a means of generating income.

Can a gamer open more than one account to use the perks more than once?

A gambler is limited to using one Megapari account. The terms of service expressly prohibit the creation of numerous accounts. The player will receive punishment and all of his accounts will be blocked if it is determined that numerous accounts were created.

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