If you can find affordable internet packages, you can reduce bills and you can avoid unnecessary expenses. If you are happy with the Internet provider but not with your bill and price for the package, you can negotiate your terms to get a bundled package.

Find Affordable Internet Packages

Or if you want to switch providers, the best practice is to compare broadband plans, search for the best deals and learn about their promotions and discounts. There are a few ways to get more affordable packages and here we will talk about that.

Reduce Internet Speed

Internet providers take highspeed and some of the plans even promise download speeds of 100 Mbps or more. You can choose your level of service and the amount of speed you’ll need. However, most families don’t.

Unless you have a family-owned business that requires ownership of servers, fast download data, and great Internet service, then yes, you would need this. Otherwise, you can drop to a more appropriate and lower speed so you can reduce your expenses. And of course, this will depend on the carrier as well.

First of all, you need to check about the speed needed and then contact your provider. Basic email utilities, web browsing, and SD video streaming require recommended download speed of around 10.5 Mbps. If you are gaming and HD video streaming, then you would need 70 Mbps. On this level of speed, you can connect 4 to 7 devices and have the best possible service. 

Buy Your Modem

If you plan to stay with the same Internet provider for a couple of years, it’s convenient that you buy your modem and router instead of renting them. Most of the providers will charge you $10 and $15 per month for renting their equipment.

And if you stay with the company for two years let’s say, you can earn between $240 to $360. Since you can buy a high-quality router for less than $200, it’s a decision that will cut your costs and reduce your headaches at the time you would have to pay the bill.

However, you need to keep in mind that some providers will not offer you technical support or troubleshooting on your personal hardware. So probably you will need to do it yourself or find someone who knows how to do it.

Bundle Services

The best way to save money and get a more affordable package is to get bundled services. If you already have a cable, you can easily get Internet access by bundling the cable to the Internet service. Be aware that some of the carriers will try to convince you to pay an extra of $5 to $10 per month for extra speed. And even some small monthly increases, over time, will save you money in the long run.

Negotiate Provider Bills

Let’s be honest! Who’s happy whenever they receive a bill? Well, I assume nobody. But, you can do your best to reduce your expenses and cut on bills.

You don’t need to have the skills of a salesperson to negotiate your terms and express your needs. By doing this, you can let the Internet provider company know your concerns so they can accommodate your requirements. 

You can try playing on the card that you already found a better deal somewhere else and that you are ready to leave the company and go for it. Be polite and do not bluff. Make sure you can back up your story, so conduct a little research about the competitors’ prices and the types of deals they offer.

So, you can always mention, like, “Hey, this deal from company X is a far better option and their deal fits my needs perfectly!” Be prepared to cancel your service and change the provider in case they don’t want to negotiate with you and make you keep the same services and prices.

Check Government Subsidies

The government offers subsidies for Internet connection if you are under a certain income threshold. Or if you are enrolled in some of the programs from the government. You can ask for help from some of the nonprofit organizations and learn about the conditions under which the government offers these subsidies.

Get No-Cost HBC Internet

HBC has programs for low-income families and provides free broadband internet services for two months for any families that are eligible in this area. You can check and learn whether you can participate in the NSLP – National School Lunch Program or TAP – The Telephone Assistance Program. The new and existing customers are part of one of these programs. 

Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Whenever possible, check for free Wi-Fi hotspots so you can save more on your mobile data and use it when actually you need it. Some of the programs also offer available Wi-Fi access in public spaces like bus and train stations, libraries, airports, etc. This will not affect the hotspots set up in the homes, it just opens up to ISPs in the public areas.

Affordable Connectivity Program

The Affordable Connectivity Program compensates $30 of the Internet bill towards the monthly expenses. People who can qualify for this program must meet some criteria like to be approved for NSLP or SBP – School Breakfast Program, is currently eligible for some of the low-income programs, receives assistance through WIC and SNAP, qualifies for the Lifeline Program, and has received a Pell Grant int the current year.

The program replaces the EBB – Emergency Broadband Benefit and the main difference between the two programs is the reduced monthly benefits. Some families can now qualify for ACP and others won’t.

Mesh Networks – Find Affordable Internet Packages

For those that are tech-savvy and are motivated to find a more affordable Internet package, you can set up a community mesh network. This can be a challenging and demanding task, but it will give you a lifetime of free Internet access.

Mesh networks are created by connecting multiple wireless routers in an area so they can get information from the other routers in the network within that range. And you’ll avoid experiencing Internet outages.

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